New Tree Group is the market leader in manufacturing metal containers .we’re also providing comprehensive slitting, shearing, coating, and printing services on sheet metal and coils worldwide.

Since its founding in 1992, under the leadership of the founder and chairman, Mr. Paul Lin, the company has accumulated more than 40 years of expertise in metal packaging manufacturing, and through continuous process improvement and innovations, New Tree Group has successfully established its reputation as a global leading metal packaging manufacturer.

Our fully integrated and automatic manufacturing facilities and knowledgeable professional staff enable us to deliver prompt and on-time high quality products and value-added services catered towards client’s individual requirements.


“Quality Products To Ensure Highest Level of Client Satisfaction” is New Tree Group’s promise and the foundation of our continual success.

Since its founding in 1992, New Tree Group has grown from a small family owned company to an award-winning global leading metal packaging manufacturer. We continue to strive to provide the best innovative solutions to our valued clients, and take our company to the next level. Here are some of our.

Pails/Drums | Square/Oblong Canisters | Accessories | Vacuumed Can

New Tree Group produces high quality pails & drums, square & Oblong canisters, Gift/Metal Boxes and other accessories at competitive pricing to meet each client’s individual packaging requirements. With our fully integrated and automatic manufacturing facilities, mass manufacturing capacity, and extensive can making experiences, our clients receive timely delivery of excellent products and value-added services. New Tree Group also offers in-house design consultation team to help the clients with all their packaging needs. 


Our high-speed fully integrated and automatic production lines, which include comprehensive slitting, shearing, printing, coating and can making services, offer prompt and superior one-stop metal packaging solutions to our valued clients.

With years of printing experiences and specialized color-match know-how, New Tree Group continues to strive to provide the best printing services to meet if not exceed client expectations. The company’s printing team routinely seeks advice from industry experts for the latest technical updates and implements them via continuous training and improvement.

In 2012, New Tree Group was awarded the “Top 100 Heavy-Industry Printing Companies in China”.

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