New Tree Group has extensive experiences and technical expertise in slitting and leveling a variety of steel coil and metal materials. The company partners with long term raw material supplier to ensure smooth material sourcing.

The materials we use are Tinplate, Stainless Steel, TULC, Tinfree Steel, Cold Rolled Steel, Electrolic Zinc Tinplate Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum Steel, Silicon Steel, Color Steel, Copper Coil, Laminated Steel, etc.

Slitting Equipment

Our slitting machines are equipped with double blades, belt type control conveyor to keep material surface from being scratched, and the capability of slitting 150 tons daily, with maximum speed of 200 mm per minute.

 High Speed Steel Sheet Slitter

 Four-Foot High Speed Steel Sheet Slitter

 High Precision Steel Sheet Slitter

Shearing Equipment

Our shearing machines are equipped with material thickness detector, capable of 200 tons daily shearing volume and maximum speed of 60mm per minute.

Leveller & Shearing Equipment

 Servo Control Rotang, High-Speed Mini-Leveler

 Leveller & Shearing Machine

 Monthly Tinplate stock: 6,000 tons

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