New Tree Group’s motto is “Name Brand Packing Packages Name Brand”. We strive to be the global leader and trusted name brand in the metal packaging industry.

“Continuous Improvement, Sustainable Development” is the core value of our management philosophy. Although New Tree Group takes great pride in providing superior products and services at competitive pricing, the company continues to devote extensive resources in technology and process innovations to increase production efficiency through industry-approved certification systems.

New Tree Group has been awarded numerous recognition and certification around the world. Not only do our products comply with United Nation’s Packaging Container and China Hazardous Packaging certification standards, the company has received ISO 9001:2008 certification, an internationally recognized standards of excellence in quality management system.

Combining quality products and services with management expertise, “New Tree Quality DOES Ensure Highest Level of Client Satisfaction”.

 Our Motto: Name Brand Packaging Packages Name Brand

 Management Philosophy: Continuous Improvement, Sustainable Development

 Quality promise: New Tree Quality Ensures Highest Level of Client Satisfaction

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