“Quality Products To Ensure Highest Level of Client Satisfaction” is New Tree Group’s promise and the foundation of our continual success.

Since its founding in 1992, New Tree Group has grown from a small family owned company to an award-winning global leading metal packaging manufacturer. We continue to strive to provide the best innovative solutions to our valued clients, and take our company to the next level. Here are some of our

Key milestones:

 August 1999: Became a member of China Packaging Association

July 2000:New Tree Group was ISO-9002 certified

 2009 New Tree was ISO9001:2008 certified

 October 2000: Passed United Nation certification inspections. Obtained China Export Permit

 July 2001: Received “Excellent Credit Award” from the Department of Trade

 November 2001: Awarded Shanghai’s Top 50 Packaging Companies

 May 2005: Awarded Top 100 Heavy-Industry Printing Company of China

 December 2005: Became a member of China Packaging Technique Association

 June 2006: Awarded “Enterprise with Excellent 3A credit”

 March 2008: Awarded 3rd place in “Enterprise with Excellent Combined Economic Development of 2007”

 September 2009: Received “Supporting Special Education and Rehabilitation Center Award” from Department of Education of Jiading District

 February 2010: Received “Little Giant Enterprise of 2009” from Jiading District

 May 2010: Awarded “Outstanding enterprise that Promotes Workforce Harmony” by local government

 January 2012: Recommended as “Brand Name of Shanghai”

 February 2012: Once again awarded “Little Giant Enterprise”

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