Can Making
Product Description

Barrel production specifications:

Capacity specification(L)Top and bottom outer diameter(±1mm)Bucket height(±2mm)Bucket cover
0.5L-1L1016480-150Small mouth with plastic cover
1L115115120Opening cover
2L155155125Small mouth with plastic cover
2.5L-4L(International)165165130-210Opening cover
4L(European standard)167167130-220
5L247225249-290Open flower basket cover
10L-27L298276220-450Open flower basket cover / tie cover
20L275288372Finger gland / octagonal cover

The main products are supplied:

Bumenmen Taikoo Paint Co., Ltd., Nippon Paint Co., Ltd., Akzo Nobel Shanghai Co., Ltd., Shanghai International Coating Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yadu Coating Co., Ltd., Shanghai Baoli Chemical Co., Ltd., Nanjing Dadong Resin Chemical Co., Ltd. Nanjing Huacai Special Coatings Factory, Hunan Guanxi Paint Co., Ltd. and other well-known manufacturers.

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